Saturday, May 28, 2011

Aren't we all Americans?

The other day I watched a TV show called "Reba" which is one of the funniest shows on TV to me. Later that day when I was out taking care of things and I was on the phone with a friend in a store. I mentioned that of "Reba" to him and talked about how funny it was. After I got off the phone a white lady next to me said she liked the show too and "didn't think I would like a show like that". When I questioned her as to why (I had to ask) she stated to me 'because they were white and I am black.' I was so offened. So I asked her had she ever seen "The Cosby Show". She replied yes and said "she loved it." "But why I asked?" She looked at me but did not have answer. So I asked, "was it because they were an American family with problems and values you could relate to?" She replied yes. So I said to her, "that is why I like Reba." She blushed with embarrassment at what she implied then apologized. I accepted, but I stood their thinking why would my being black keep me from enjoying the things about America the way she does?

Why are things so separate in the world?  I mean why can't ethnic Americans get along with whites and why so some white people fear, hate and discriminate with ethnic Americans.  The thing is we are all Americans.  Most people in America have seen "The Cosby Show" in the 80's. A show about Black Doctor, his wife who was an attorney and their 5 kids. But more to the point, they were an American family who showed how life could be if we value our education, our children and respect of others and other cultures.  They were proud of their heritage and of their diverse relations with others. There was also a show called "7th Heaven" about a white minister and his wife and their 5 kids. They also valued education, their children and respect for other cultures.  They too were an American family who showed us how love of family could be.  Both shows were about American families with problems and values we could all relate to! So why would race play a difference on why I liked the shows.  Why would someone question my American heritage because I am black?

We separate ourselves into categories of race, education, and other trivial things. Hhy aren't we more unified as Americans?  There are so many other countries where values are kept in a majority of the society.  They band together on most everything in life which creates a more peaceful and fluid society. Even when other cultures move to America, they appear to band together in one area of a community and work together to promote growth.  But most black and white Americans appear locked perpetual conflict never resulting in harmony and peaceful coexistence.  Why? We are all Americans.

Some say it is because for black society, the system is not designed to support them.  The system that is designed to 'assist and support' those in need, discriminates against the low income part of society which unfortunately is a great deal of black society.  And yet that fault can be blamed on a system that does not offer the same opportunities to those who truly need the assistance thus creating the problems for which the system is supposed to help you avoid. It is said that white society can't understand why blacks are angry and frustrated with life.  They can't see that the system that works so well for them is not afforded to other parts of society and don't realize the effort it takes to try to navigate life without the proper tools to do so. 

However, bottomline is we are all Americans.  A point I will continue to stress. We all want to live a life feel with happiness and a sound peace of mind.  We all want what is best for our children.  We all want the proverbial "white picket fence" life.  Just imagine if every single legal American were given the same opportunies in education.  Or if every legal American, no matter your race, was given a choice in healthcare to become well and have a peace of mind about living.  Or if we embraced other cultures and learned about each other and how to honor one anothers those cultures. Imagine if young black boys and girls could see more positive images of themselves and not the criminals the media makes them out to be.  Imagine if we looked at TV shows with black or white families and could learn about each other without judgement or prejudice. Can you imagine if people were not made to feel that being born of different colors was wrong?

My point is, we are all Americans.  In this day and age we have much bigger issues other than race.  It should be the last thing we think about in regards to black and white.  While I embrace the "American Dream" we must make sure that those who come here honor America by becoming legal and pay into the country as we Americans do.  There is also terrorism which now plagues the world and we must be more aware of those who seek to harm any and all Americans. And let's not forget the natural disasters befalling our planet everyday.  How can we still be concerned about what type of TV shows each race like or why we are are moving in to each others neighborhoods.  WE ARE ALL AMERICANS!!!!

I was born here in America. So I am not an African American because I have never been or grew up there.  I am brownskinned, dark skinned or black American. I went to school here in America, I learned the values and traditions of this country and I pledge my allegiance to our American flag.  I will defend this country from alls threats foreign and domestic because I am an American.  While I am not proud of our countries inequality, indifference to its the poor & needy of this country, and lack of value in education, I still proud to call this country my home.  This is America and I embrace my home.  It is beautiful and fun, diverse, and so many other good things about America. I feel there is much we can do to truly and officially become the greatest nation in the world, but we are definitely in the top 5. 

It is sad that it took an act of terror on 9/11 to bring us together as Americans but one day I hope we will embrace that feeling of unity for each other without having need of a disaster.  I hope that one day we will not just see the color of the person, but we will embrace that difference and truly live as one.  We are Americans and we should be proud of that and each other.  Our cultures maybe different but our hearts and goals are the same. We want the same things as Americans.  Let's remember that next time we see each other in the streets.  Let's stop judging the color and the stereotypes that come with them.  Let's start getting to know the person before you, embracing who they are while maintaining pride in who you are.  Remember that next time you run into another AMERICAN.